Alison & Will

November 23, 2024
San Diego, California

Our Story

Will was an east-coast boy who moved across country to sunny San Diego, looking for a taste of the Southern California lifestyle. Alison had been kissed by the SoCal sun from the day she was born. They met on Hinge in March of 2021 and were close to inseparable from the day they met.

Pacific Beach

After dating for a year the first big move in their relationship came when Will asked Alison to join him in living in his Pacific Beach apartment. Together they built their first home.

Will and Alison spent many a wonderful weekends going for bike rides around Mission Bay, cruising around in the convertible and enjoying walks on the beach. While sad their time there could not last forever, it was an experience they will always share and cherish with one another.

The Big Move

After their time in Pacific Beach came to an end, the next living situation took Will and Alison all the way across the country to Will’s parents’ beach condo in Ocean City, MD. For many, the concept of leaving San Diego to move to Ocean City would be foreign. For Alison, this was a particularly new and exciting challenge as she would be leaving behind the only home she ever knew.

In spite of the challenges, in July of 2023 Will and Alison packed up the “Mazderatti” and hit the road for their cross country journey together. Along the way they spent time in Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Denver. After trekking the great nothingness that is Kansas, they made pit stops at friends and family in Nashville, TN and Asheville, NC. Fun was had all around.

The Proposal

Will knew that Alison always had a special bond with her grandfather Harry, who unfortunately passed before he ever had the chance to meet him. In spite of not having him physically there, Will wanted to make sure that Harry would be there in spirit when he asked Alison to marry him.

With that in mind, the question was how? Harry was born in Brooklyn, and fortunately for Will and Alison they always loved traveling to New York City. Without her having any knowledge of what was going to happen, Will and Alison booked a labor day trip up in the big Apple.

So with a ring in hand and the vacation booked, the stage was set for the question to be popped. The first day of the vacation they spent enjoying the wonderful bars and restaurants New York city has to offer, with a nightcap going to see Hamilton on Broadway (don’t ask Alison about it - she fell asleep). The next morning Will and Alison awoke and decided to take a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge. After arriving in Brooklyn, they sat together on a short stone wall in a Fort Greene Park. Birds were chirping in the background and a Tai Chi group was meditation in the background. As they talked and recanted the wonderful times they had spent together, and with the spirit of Harry close nearby, Will finally asked Alison the all important question of “Will you marry me?”